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  The name 'GoalArt' is a registered trademark. Click to go to the GoalArt home page.
  GoalArt offers unique methods for describing process knowledge and using it in automated diagnosis. GoalArt's methods provides situational knowledge for the operators. In this way, a GoalArt system provides a unique degree of safety for a system. This is why 'Knowledge for Safe Operation' is our motto. Click to go to the GoalArt home page.
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Chairman of the Board and co-founder of GoalArt.

Born 1961. M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Lic. Eng. in Computer Engineering, and Ph. D. in Computer Engineering, all from Lund University, Lund, Sweden.

Previously an Associate Professor at the Department of Information Technology, Lund University, where his research focused on tools and methodologies for silicon design and on high-speed, low-power silicon technologies.

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of SwitchCore, Chairman of the Board of Mitrionics, and board member of the Foundation for Strategic Research.

Per Andersson. Click to send e-mail.

GoalArt, Scheelevägen 17, 223 63 Lund, Sweden, Phone: +46 46 286 4880, Fax: +46 46 286 4882, E-mail:, Web: